Deseucaliptiziacion in Montefaro, Ares

Deseucaliptizacion en Ares 25.10.2020Montefaro   At a first sight, cutting trees might seem like a cruel and irresponsible action, but in Galicia this procedure is necessary when it comes to Eucalyptus trees.  Eucalyptus is an exotic species of trees that was first brought from Australia to Spain at the end of the 19th century. Given […]

Limpeza en Seselle

Cleaning in Ares 19.10.2020 Seselle Beach On another active Saturday in October, Xeracion team was welcome to join Betula Association and take part in their annual initiative of cleaning the Seselle Beach in Ares. We turned our good intentions into action! As we were heading towards the restless coast, we started to observe why our […]