Cleaning in Ares

Seselle Beach

On another active Saturday in October, Xeracion team was welcome to join Betula Association and take part in their annual initiative of cleaning the Seselle Beach in Ares.

We turned our good intentions into action!

As we were heading towards the restless coast, we started to observe why our magic should happen here. Various heaps of litter were spread all over the sand and the flora around it. The microplastics were specially our target. These represent a significant harm to the soil as well as sea environment and further even to the health of animals and humans’, as they can get ingested from food, water or sometimes even air.

Making the most of our efforts

We wanted to be as efficient as possible, so we parted into teams, in order to clean simultaneously from different spots of the beach. Little by little, our hands turned busy with bags of litter which were becoming heavier and heavier. Lollipop sticks, ear cleaning cotton sticks, bottle caps, pieces of plastic bags, plastic ropes and many other items were the main invaders of the beach and flora.

Around 15 bags of trash were gathered at the end of the project and everything has been done in 2 hours. 

We thank Betula Association for their initiative and for inspiring people around them! Together, we are developing the love for the environment and try to make it a better place.

What will come next?…