the power of action

Cleaning Malata

Every small step leads to a bigger change in the world!

Having one common goal in mind and a lot of enthusiasm in our hearts, we decided to take action in the community that we call home. We want a welcoming town and more awareness among us! Cleaning the streets of Malata represented a chance for diverse people to come together as a team, observe the world we live in and reflect on what there should be done in order to protect it.

How was it?

Our good intentions seemed to attract good weather. The day was perfect for our little plan! As a result, we became even more motivated to get the best of this project. Getting equipped with bags and pickers, we started the trash hunt through the streets of Malata neighborhood. 

Our expectations were unclear,  but we were prepared for any outcome. At the end, the surprise was not insignificant…we managed to gather around 20 bags of waste!

It is incredible and a little frightening to discover unexpected places where plastic is being cast-off.
Fortunately, people who were passing by showed curiosity for our action. In this way, we knew we made an impact on our community. The awareness rose along with the hope that together we CAN make a better world!
In the future, we are planning to repeat and improve this project. Let's all reflect on how we can manage our lifestyle and reduce the waste in the first place! Maybe one day we will pick up only flowers, not trash...

15 people, 2 hours and...

Bags of trash